Paul Villacis, commonly known as "KOOZ," is the Owner and Founder of kooz.tv. He is a highly accomplished and creative executive with a wealth of design expertise within the advertising, branding, and broadcast sectors. With a deep-seated passion for design, he brings his unique creative vision to every project. In addition to his professional endeavors, he is dedicated to his family, his beloved dog, MEMO, and is a fervent supporter of Barcelona FC. Discover the world of design and creativity with Paul Villacis at kooz.tv.

What we do


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Brand design is a pivotal process that shapes your brand's distinct visual identity, making it easily recognizable in a competitive market. Our expertise lies in crafting a unique visual identity that ensures your brand stands out prominently

Motion Design

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Elevate your online presence with dynamic art and design assets in motion! Our team specializes in various media formats, spanning film, television, advertising, and web content. Our motion graphic designers transform video content by crafting captivating artwork and vibrant visual effects, taking it to new heights.

Misc. Creative

No project is to small for good design
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